One Small Act of Kindness

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Do you ever hear a little voice encouraging you to do something nice for a stranger but then you find yourself resisting the urge, simply because your mind has convinced you otherwise? Well, we all do it but with the power of choice through consciousness, we all can refuse the latter, and bring change to our world, one small act at a time.

While getting ready in the locker room at the gym today, I noticed a young lady looking for something. What impacted me the most was her energy. She was stressed, and I felt it. The inner kindness in me gave the urge to assist, so I delightfully obliged. I asked if she had lost something. She stressfully indicated that she can't find her keys. I told her not to worry. We will find them. I asked her a few questions; Where did you place your towel? Did you use the restroom? What about when you began to get ready? She thought for a second, looked at me, and then opened her backpack. As the zipper made its way down the side of the bag, there, before her, were her keys, patiently waiting for her. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and then grabbed my Lavender essential oils, asked her to put out her wrist and dapped a few drops on her. I told her, there's no reason to stress. This will help calm you down and the rest of your day will be great. Her energy immediately changed. She looked at me again and her eyes were beaming.

Today, I touched someone. Today, I made someones day. Today, I made someone smile. Today, I gave love. Today, I gave help. Today, I helped myself. Today, I helped the World. Now imagine, if we all did little acts of kindness throughout our days, with no intention of a return, how much peace would reside on this planet. These are the true gifts of life, and because of this interaction, her and I both left the gym happy and smiling. Let us all live by this example and create a world full of giving, smiles, and love.

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