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As a child, on those warm Texas nights, the dark sky became my place of solace. Millions of stars, flickering in the infinite darkness, I’d nestle comfortably in the stillness, bonding with the unknown. This ritual gave me an open mind to the exploration of self, my role here, and the supreme grandiose of this Universe and its ever graceful unfoldment. I knew, with the deepest parts of my existence, that by digging deep, something profound was to eventually blossom. So everyday, with blind faith, I would face and battle the illusions of my fearful inherited beliefs.

Words can't even provide in passage the vastness and beauty of this reality, called life. That’s where it takes you. That’s where you need to go. The Earth, Planets, Black Holes, Stars, Animals, the Oceans, Mountains, and Us?! It's profound! So do you truly believe that the Universe would dare allow the TRUE nature of humanity to be anything less than the rest of the Universe? Remember, it’s because of us that the Universe is becoming conscious of itself! Now, that’s saying something!

Perhaps we had not understood any better, and I would strongly agree and disagree, as there are two sides of the spectrum, but one thing is for sure; Our souls will never remain stagnant in the vastness of the Universe. Time and time again, evolution is a truth to what is, and it has never let us down. Consciousness, in it’s most beautiful, evolutionary form is taking place. We’re waking up. We’re evolving and it’s awesome! This means that something new is in store and that’s really exciting for the human race! Together, we can become aware of our true inner values, realizing how exceptional and powerful we really are. Soon this basic, redundant reality will be a thing of the past.

Who’s ready to explore the Universe? Dig Deep my friends. <3

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