Self-Made Woman

Growing up poor was difficult, and I learned early on how to take care of myself. School was hard for me, and my grades reflected it. I began to rely on myself for everything and became self-taught for whatever I needed to know in life. I have worked hard for everything I have and all that I have achieved. Those humble beginnings taught me to make the most of every day and all my gifts.

I was brought up in a Christian home although my family did not actively practice Christian principals. I had no education on energy work except that I always felt the presence of something greater than myself. I always trusted in the guidance that energy provided me.

Energetic Beginnings

Then during a dark period in my life, my father gave me a book “The Law of Attraction.” Finally, my life and my truth made sense to me. Out of the dark came this gleaming ray of hope and understanding.

After reading the book, I put the ideas into action. I decided that I was going to meet Maroon5 while attending their concert. Nothing could shake my belief, and the law of attraction worked perfectly. I did indeed meet Maroon5 directly upon entering the stadium. After spending three years believing I was powerless, this single example showed me the immense power I possessed.

This miracle spurred me on to make a bold move to LA where I hoped all my dreams would come true. Unfortunately, I moved to LA with the wrong intentions of proving everyone wrong and becoming famous. Through a few years of ups and downs and a traumatic breakup, I found myself in the business of jewelry making and energy healing. I found my home and a place my creative soul could soar.

 Big Plans

I have big plans for the Lillianna brand, which is all about empowering creativity and individuality. I handcraft each piece of jewelry with a deep sense of empowerment. Life is art, and each of us has the power to create through our thoughts, our words and actions, both positively and negatively - it’s our choice.

Beyond Jewelry

I have created a coven full of love and power. I hold space for my empowerment spells and ceremony where others join me in building chakra wands, meditating, casting empowerment spells and connecting with our higher consciousness.

I plan to continuously evolve the brand into a creative lifestyle experience for all women to find their power, create and become their highest good.

Jewelry is only the beginning…stay tuned.