Reiki Crystal Sound Healing

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Reiki is a powerful energy healing modality. The word "Reiki" is a Japanese term meaning Universal Life Energy.  It is a gentle, non-invasive, hands on and off, natural healing method.  Reiki cleanses and purifies our chakras (energy body system) and aura, working on the body in areas where it is needed most. The Reiki Practitioner acts as a channel for life force energy to flow through their hands into the body of the receiver. It is this life force energy that passes through the Practitioner that heals. This energy is our vital essence which, when flowing freely through our bodies in a balanced way, enables us to live full and essentially happy and healthy lives.

Crystals are Mother Earth's gifts to the world and they aid in restoring your body's stability and balance, contributing to the healing process. 
​Reiki does not replace conventional medical care but it can be a simple and effective complement to any medical or psychological care a client may need or be receiving. 

When looking at the human condition which leads to illness, disease lines start in the energy field and move inwards. The physical body usually has problems because the life force energy has stopped flowing properly.  Whether we are stressed, ill, grieving or holding on to something,  we all have a natural tendency to stick this feeling or stressor into our bodies, and we store them in all sorts of spots. By stimulating your own body (life force) energy to flow properly, the natural ability of the body to heal itself functions again.

Through the creation of a deeply relaxing, peaceful and meditative state of consciousness; Reiki can provide us with an effective, non-invasive way of reconnecting with our spiritual nature, reducing the impact of emotional stress and increasing our body's natural ability to heal its self. Reiki cleanses and rebalances our energy body, allowing increased life force energy to flow freely to where it is needed and removing blockages, which inhibit our ability to live life to our full potential, re-energized and with increased happiness and optimum health.

What to Expect During your Reiki Session

The Universal Energy works on your body within your own energy field, and isn't bound to any religion or dogma.  It simple requires those receiving the treatment to be open and accepting of the loving, gentle energy. At your first appointment we will discuss how you are feeling on a physical and emotional level and to establish what you are hoping to gain from the session. This is called setting your intention for relaxation and healing and is important as it provides the focus for the session. It is also an important opportunity to connect with each other and to establish a trusting and cooperative working relationship. During your following Reiki sessions, we will evaluate how you feel you are benefiting from the sessions and establish an intention for healing at each session. This ensures your Reiki sessions are truly reflective of your needs and wishes.

Your Reiki session will take place in a private, comfortable and relaxing sacred space. Relaxing and Healing music will be played. During Reiki all you need to do is close your eyes, relax and to be fully present. There is no effort required on your part for the Reiki to work. Please feel able to move your body, if you are uncomfortable during Reiki, this will not disrupt the Reiki healing in anyway. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable, please let your Reiki Practitioner know. This will allow her to address your needs appropriately so you can benefit fully from relaxation during the session. 

Your Reiki Practitioner will place Crystals along your Chakras to align and balance them. She will connect with the life force energy and will proceed to scan your aura with her hands and your chakras to gain a sense of where healing is needed in your body. After this, your aura will be cleansed and your chakras will be aligned and rebalanced. The Reiki Practitioner's hands will be gently placed on or above your body, starting at your head. Each hand position is held for as long as the energy needs to flow to the selected place. This is normally for around 3-5 minutes. Crystals will also be placed on your body during the healing to help with the clearing of your energy body or to infuse a crystal healing energy. Aromatherapy, Tarot Reading, Spiritual Guidance and Sound Healing is also part of the session. 

Every Reiki experience is unique to the individual receiver. There are no rules about how it should feel. Some people will feel Reiki energy as heat, others as coolness or a light breeze over the body, or tingling or rippling sensations. Sometimes people can have a sense of extra hands being on the body. Some people experience very little but most people will feel a sense of relaxation and peace. All these are all perfectly normal healing sensations.

Sometimes people can experience a need to release emotions during or after a Reiki session.  Reiki can often reawaken emotions that have been retained in the body for a while and that need to be released. Such emotions include sadness, anger or grief. This is a positive healing reaction. You should feel able to release such emotions without judgement. We are working together in a safe and confidential way and you will be supported fully if an emotional reaction occurs. 

What to Expect After a Reiki Session

The experience of Reiki is an individual one and the benefits experienced will uniquely reflect the individual's needs at the time of treatment. In all cases during the session, the chakra system will be cleansed, aligned and rebalanced. Energy blockages in the chakra system will be released along with negative energies, toxins and impurities. 

After the session is finished, you may feel relaxed or energized. As you slowly come back to a normal state of consciousness we will discuss any concerns and any guidance received during the Reiki session. This is an opportunity to ask any questions for clarity or assistance. 

Other potential Benefits of Reiki include:
* Deeper levels of relaxation, relieving stress and tension
* Pain relief of many physical conditions
* Reduction of trauma physically and emotionally following injury
* Encourages peaceful sleep
* Relief from addictions and helping the body to cleanse toxins
* Assisting the body to heal itself
* Can provide relief from emotional trauma, anxiety and grief
* Reduction of blood pressure
* Can help with persistent problems including asthma, eczema, migraines, etc.
* Reduction in side effects of drug treatment following chemotherapy or surgery
* Supports the immune system

Very occasionally after a Reiki treatment you may experience a 'healing reaction'. This usually indicates that your body is continuing with the cleansing process. It also indicates that more Reiki may be necessary. Symptoms you may experience are headache, nausea, cold or flu like symptoms, bowel changes, feeling emotional and fatigued. This should normally resolve within a few days. During this time you can support your body by drinking lots of water, eating healthy, gently exercising and getting in touch with nature. 

Reiki raises the energy vibration of our bodies and also encourages spiritual growth and emotional clearing. Many of us are out of balance in our lives, busy lifestyle, many responsibilities to juggle and no time to care for ourselves properly. A Reiki treatment brings our body mind and spirit back into balance and harmony. ​

Reiki complements all other types of medical and therapeutic treatments. Reiki treatment should not be used as a substitute for conventional therapy. Reiki can also increase the efficacy of other types of healing.