Dig Deep in search for Purity. Peace. And Progress.

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Dig Deep in search for Purity. Peace. And Progress.


I don’t know about you but the regression of our current society has been a gripping concern for me to stomach. It seems every which way I turn, there’s a tsunami of hate flooding our world. I question, whether the outrage has always been here or perhaps it’s more pronounced through the power of social media? Either way, regardless of my strength, this plague of chaos is hard to ignore.


Pure happiness, in its truest most blissful form is something I’ve always desired. With 13 years of self-evolution, I have learned that to be happy, one must be positive, through all forms. It’s a complicated task but it’s the only way. You can’t buy it, you can’t swallow it, and there are no shortcuts. It’s the reality of our existence and it takes work. Not a day of work, not two years of work, it’s your life’s work. End. Of. Story. 


If you don’t know me yet, my name’s Elisha Lillianna Galvan and by no stretch of an imagination am I perfect, not even close. I am however, a believer. A believer in truth. A believer of integrity. A believer of self-awareness, evolution, love, world peace, and the list goes on. Through these writings, of Lillianna’s Language, I hope you can find peace and motivation to empower each of your days and together we can work toward a life of clarity, love, and truth. 


A long time ago, I made a promise to myself. A promise to discover who I truly am. To design the best version of myself I can. To be good and do good, and to listen to my heart and ignore the misleading attempts of my ego. I made the promise to step up and do my part, not only for me but also for society.


There's a sickness in our world. An apocalypse you could say, where emotionally charged, insecure, and conditioned zombie like human beings walk the grounds of earth, feeding off hate. They have no regard for themselves or others, finding satisfaction through inflicting pain among each other, contributing to a regressing human race. 


I, by no means am innocent and once claimed my throne in that sad little reality. You see, at the tender age of 17, I was already so deeply enslaved by my ugly internal dramas, that I was a menace to society. My emotions had a great deal of control over me and with no education on how to handle them; I would indulge in the pain, becoming very reactive, and project it onto others. The shame, guilt, and embarrassment that followed these poor, hateful choices led me to believe that these were the moments to search for inner truth.


Why would I act with such cruelty? Why did my emotions dictate my life and only make matters worse? The emotional struggle and its ownership over me destroyed the truth of who I really am. I felt like a terrible person but deep down I knew I was good. So each night, before my mind tormenting sleep, I would look myself in the mirror, crying for an answer. The hatred I had subscribed to had to stop and some serious revisions needed to be made if my dreams of happiness were to become a reality.


I began to tear apart my actions every which way possible, searching for the origin of its existence. When I found it, and sometimes it took months, I would yank it out like a weed rooted in the dirt. Would it come back to haunt me? You better believe it, but through a tremendous amount of mental landscaping, eventually I would find the peace.


I believe each individual is capable of doing this work, awakening a place in our hearts that will potentially align us with the vibrations of peace on Earth. Could we witness such a phenomenon in our lifetime? I don’t know. I certainly hope for it and provided with a state of consciousness, not only in me but also in you and in everyone else, I believe a strong faith will always yield. 


Is there something ingrained within your identity that you struggle with? A belief you don’t like about yourself? Something that was never yours to begin with, but placed on you, either by society, your parents or a bad break up from long ago? This weekend, I challenge you to ask yourself, “Why do I abide by such conditions?  Who planted this within me?” I want you to Dig Deep, find the source, and do whatever you can to extract it from your existence.


This challenge is far from easy. There will be moments where your judgment gets clouded and the ego will have its way with you, but by exercising this form of controlled thinking, you CAN and WILL remove it! Just breathe, relax and remember everything is okay! Find your focus and most importantly have patience. Stay on track, work hard, believe you are capable, and only make choices with the intent of Purity. Peace. And Progress


It serves me to be here for you, as nothing makes me happier, well, that and jewelry of course ;-)  So share your accomplishments, challenges or any questions you may have with me, I would love to hear them.


With Love, 

Elisha Lillianna

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