Be in Harmony with The Universe

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Just like a tree, we take water, nutrients, air, sun, and water to survive. But do you ever think the Sycamore Tree says to the Oak Tree, "I wish I had your height, oh how I love your trunk, your leaves are so much prettier than mine!" Hell No! Both trees are focused on one thing and one thing only, how deep they can get their roots into the ground by GROWING. Its beautiful! They do this so presently, with no attachment, control, insecurities, or comparison. They just stand firm, and grow.

We too, are supposed to act in this manner. What's beautiful about the human mind is that through us and only us, the Universe can become conscious of itself. In a sense, we are the gate keepers! However, this is hard to do when we're so keen on directing our focus toward the past and future and not enjoying the very present moment. ALL other aspects of the Universe live in the very moment, but not us! The Lion does not wish to be a Whale and the Mountain does not wish to be the Rain. They just simply be, in exact harmony with the Universe.

Now if we could stop focusing on competition in all forms: how many likes I get, I want to look like her, my team is the best, I have the most money, my job is more respected, etc., and just live right here, right now, with love and peace for all, with none of these ignorant attachments, can you imagine the possibilities? We would be working with the Universe instead of against it. Can you imagine the things we would be doing with our minds? Can you imagine our rewards? Mentally place the human race on the other side of the scale...if all beings were conscious and living in complete harmony of the Universe, can you imagine what we would be capable of?

It is simple folks, competition with one another is ignorant. The only real substantial competition one should focus on, is the competition of the Love/Hate relationship we have with ourselves. We must compete until all hate ceases to exist in our existence, find truth in what we do, and our true purpose here, for the Universe is not as ignorant as you all may think. There's something far more profound than these ideals we've placed on society and haphazardly abided to. So let's get our face out of the selfie zone and our minds into the substance zone.

Much love

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