How to Become More Magical

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Think about this statement for a moment: life is magical. You are a living, breathing being. You have so many thoughts, emotions, talents, and ambitions. You are a life force that is among the most intelligent that the universe has ever seen. You are magical! Human beings are capable of channeling so many actions simultaneously. We are so advanced that we can do things on “autopilot”; things that can’t be done by any other species known to man. Yet, knowing all we can do and accomplish on a given moment of any given day, we don’t give ourselves enough credit. We worry about the future and believe we’re not good enough. Trust me, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Each and every one of us has a magical light inside, waiting to ignite and shine bright!

It isn’t that you aren’t already magical, it’s that you are not yet aware of your full magical potential. This “how-to” is less about becoming magical, but more about recognizing the magic already within us. Most importantly, once you recognize the magic that we all have, you can become even more magical!

How You are Magical

How to Be More Magical

1. Wake Up and Get out of Bed- Yep it’s that simple. Regardless of the time, get out of bed if your body allows it!

Put a smile on your face and seize the day! How you get out of bed will be a big determiner for how magical and enlightened your day will be. If you have this feeling: I’m already over this day, and it hasn’t even begun yet, then you are guaranteed not to fulfill your full magical potential for the day. Try your very best just to smile, take a deep breath, and love being alive! Cheesy but true. This simple act will allow you to become more magical from the moment you wake up.

2. Do your Routines- As mundane and boring as they may be, just doing them is part of being an intelligent, magical being.

Do your routines to impress and inspire. If your job involves crunching numbers all day, try to find something interesting about what you’re doing. Is there a pattern you’ve discovered or a problem that you’ve solved through this number crunching? Finding something interesting in the mundane is part of becoming a more magical being.

3. Eat Food you Love and that Loves you- At breakfast, lunch, and dinner eat those foods for pleasure, sustenance, and nutrition. We have the ability to eat things that are complex and original!

Cook the food you love! Learn how to cook the food you love, or if you already know how to cook it, learn how to cook it without a recipe. Cooking is one of those magical talents that any human can do with enough practice and patience! You will feel more magical and empowered if you prepare the food yourself. We can’t live without food, so why not be the creator of this magical thing- food- to become more magical!

4. Move your body- This could be as simple as walking around or as extreme as climbing a mountain.

Push the boundaries of your body by challenging yourself to try new physical things like biking, yoga, climbing, surfing, etc. If you already have a sport you love, try pushing it further, doing a harder version of the sport you love. Surf that gigantic wave or climb that super steep façade! Don’t be afraid to fail! Practice makes perfect.

5. Go to sleep- Sleeping at a reasonable hour will help you be your best most magical self.

Don’t stay up all night to party or worry on a consistent basis. This will dim the most magical potential you have. If you want to explore your talents to their fullest, you must get the rest you need. You can heal a tired mind and soul through sleep…and dreams! (Those are magical too!)

If you follow the steps above, you are guaranteed at the least to be magical, but at the most to become an even more magical version of yourself!

Do you want more? Were those suggestions above too simple for you? You might’ve read all those tips above and thought—I’m already doing the more magical forms of each of those things above, and when I think about magic, I think about channeling witchcraft, spells, or tarot readings. If that’s your idea of being more magical, don’t fret, because I have ideas for that, too! Please read my next blog titled “How to Become Even More Magical.”   

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